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 Guild Rules (Must be read before posting)

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Guild Rules (Must be read before posting) Left_bar_bleue28/50Guild Rules (Must be read before posting) Empty_bar_bleue  (28/50)

Guild Rules (Must be read before posting) Empty
PostSubject: Guild Rules (Must be read before posting)   Guild Rules (Must be read before posting) I_icon_minitimeSat May 15, 2010 8:38 am


- Do not insult/flood/scam/cheat or break COM2us rules
- If you have a problem with a Guild member contact an officer
- If someone wants to join the Guild send them to the forum or to Kilivan/Brigsta
- When you enter the guild as a recruit you will have a 1 week trial period to see how you get along with other members and such.


- You have to read forums once per week to stay updated. Events, Guild storage, game guides and more are posted here.
- Don't leak information from Guild forum.


- If you are looking for a party first ask in Guild Channel.
- Don't party with people in "Bad Player list"
- Use random loot system when you train, if you get an item another party member needs give it to him for free
- For Boss raid's (Turtle ZZZ, Evilang, Wadangka etc) use free loot and roll dice before you fight. If you already have the drop you may not roll dice unless everyone in the party already has the loot.


- All items found must go though Guild before reaching the BM.
- If you find an item another member needs there is no selling at BM. It is best to give for free but if need be sell for a Fair price.
- Recycle your items when you are done with them, you can use the guild storage
- It's takes awhile to gather materials (Bones, leaf, leather etc) and they don't sell high so give them to other members who need or use Guild Storage


- War gives EXP bonus, use Guild channel to make sure some members enter war.
- You have to help a member who is fighting
- You have to kill players on KOS list if you encounter them
- Don't kill people in "Peace List"
- Don't chain kill low level, unless they are in KOS list
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Guild Rules (Must be read before posting)
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